bridging needs
AmpliFying kindness

Built for the community!

Bridge needs & amplify kindness

Unleash community growth on our whitelabel platform, where kindness-driven connections thrive in a managed, user-friendly space. 

Join us in fostering mutual support for vibrant, flourishing communities.

Whitelabel USE CASE

Enable kindness everywhere...

Our whitelabel platform, enables your community to care for each other simple and easy without to much hassle.

Let's bring kindness to life

We’re on a mission to connect those in need with willing helpers, creating a compassionate community where challenges are tackled together. 

Our white-label platform makes connecting and assisting effortless, fostering a caring environment where kindness and expertise are exchanged. 

Join us in making the world better, one task at a time.


Meet the team

A few years back the founders met and wanted to build a platform, which purpose was to bring kindness among human beings – and KindShare vision was born.

Anton Tiedt

CEO & Co-Founder

Varan Pathmanthan

CIO & Co-Founder

Lars Aage Thomsen

Founder & Chairman of Board

Christian Bavnhøj

CPO & Co-Founder

Launching in 2024